Developed with extensive experience

With years of contracting experience, E-LEAD customized the CanBus to meet the long term requirements of various customers (Audi, GM, Ford, general public, etc.) as well as automotive systems and digital dashboards. Through the utilization of a 2D/3D display, drivers can extract even more information from the 7 to 12.3 inch TFT display. Combining the digital dashboard, multimedia speaker system, mobile internet connection and HUD projection,
E-LEAD offers a four-layer integrated driving experience.

The digital dashboard is compatible with the HUD, which reduces the load on the CanBus, resulting in lower cost, high levels of integration, and increased HUD capability.

Supports the CanBus interface (for vehicle diagnostics)

2D/3D OpenGL 2.0 hardware acceleration

IPS (in-plane-switching) wide viewing angle

TFT technology, and LVDS Video input


CanBus: Can be customized according to customer specifications (Experience with Audi, GM, Ford, general public, and more).
HMI: 2D/3D dynamic dashboard display, can be customized to customer specification.
TFT screen size: 7/8/10.25/12.3 inches according to customer specification
Customized dashboard warning lamps for airbags, automatic braking, tire pressure alert, etc., to suit customer needs.
Complete dashboard frame customization to fit A/B/C grade vehicle sizes.
Integrated central control panel/infotainment system.

Two-layer integration

Multimedia infotainment/digital display

navigation information, caller ID
music track name, radio station name
infotainment system menu

Four-layer integration

Multimedia infotainment / digital display / HUD / smart phone

Merging technological expertise

E-LEAD is proud to collaborate with Mentro Graphic, and together they produce a full-fledged digital dashboard system.