Frequently Asked Questions

● How to update GPS maps?
The update files can be found on the website. In order to perform the update, download the update files and install the packs to the micro SD card; then, insert the card into the SmartHUD and power it on. The update will begin automatically. For the newest update procedures and files please visit :

● Does the in-built navigation system support overseas territories ?
The SmartHUD carries map data locally so that it can provide navigation assistance even when offline. As such, the on-board map data are limited to region specific data. The Taiwanese version cannot be used in other countries.

● Why the navigation map data isn't updated automatically?
Typical map update procedures are coordinated with satellite imagery and live view inspections. Speed camera locations, points of interest, and other public updates are based on regular scheduled updates with the exceptional big change.
Maps may also be updated due to customer's feedback. When a customer reports new information regarding maps, the update will be taken place after three months or a year. As a result, E-lead's map updates are typically scheduled once per season.

● How do I set a navigation destination from my cell phone?
Using our E-Where App (powered by Google Maps), you can search for a location using your smartphone and sync the destination with the SmartHUD, making trip preparations as effortless as possible.
For more information regarding the App, please visit :
● How to use handsfree?
By pairing your smartphone to the SmartHUD you can access your contact list, cellular history, and make calls without having to use your phone.
Please visit : for more information.

● Excessive phonebook syncing time or phonebook sync unsuccessful
1. When syncing the phonebook, check the phone screen for any confirmation messages from the SmartHUD, and press "Accept". By default, the smartphone needs permission from you before it can share phonebook data with the SmartHUD.
2. The time needed to sync the phonebook is related to the amount of information that needs to be synced. If there are a lot of contacts in your phonebook, please be patient as your contacts are synced and ordered.

● How come I can't create new contacts through the HUD?
The SmartHUD supports syncing contacts from your smartphone, but is unable to push a new contact into your contact list. To create a new contact, please do it through your phone.

● Excessive wait time after cancelling phonebook synchronization
Check your phone screen for any confirmation messages, and select either "Accept" or "Deny". The SmartHUD will end the sync action after receiving a response.

● Will the navigation screen still be displayed if an incoming call occurs during navigation?
The SmartHUD is designed for multi-featured use, and will continue to display navigation data while engaging the handsfree feature. You can accept or reject the incoming call using the push button.
● Can the reflector be removed?
Can the image be projected directly on the windshield?
Can a translucent film be installed on the windshield and used as the reflector instead?
The reflector can be removed, but it is not reccomended to do so.
Different car models have different angles between the dashboard and the windshield, and different windshields have differing optical characteristics, all of which will influence the quality of the SmartHUD display. The reflector is designed to let the consumer experience the best possible display and image quality, while being easy to use and install.

● Will the clarity of the SmartHUD display be affected by the intensity of sunlight?
The SmartHUD has an on-board light sensor and adjusts the brightness of the display according to intensity of light detected in its surroundings. This way the SmartHUD can remain visible under all light conditions without being too bright or too dark, and refrain from overwhelming the driver's field of view.

● Typical satellite navigation or cellular navigation systems on the market are bulky, and create blind spots in the driver's field of view, and carry an inherent risk to use.
The SmartHUD's 4-inch TFT projects a high resolution image onto the reflector, resulting in a rich and crisp interface without blocking the driver's line of sight.
● Does the SmartHUD support external drive to play music?
The SmartHUD has an microSD card slot on the side, allowing music of your choice to be played through the FM Transmitter.

● Bluetooth streaming playing not smooth!
1. Check the music player on your cell phone, because any issues there will be ocuured when the music is playing through Bluetooth as well.
2. Bluetooth signals and devices are very sensitive to metal, other Bluetooth devices, and Wi-Fi devices. Ensure that the product is sufficiently far from these possible sources of interference.

● The Bluetooth player shown the music is being played, but there is no sound?
Please ensure that the volume slider on your phone is not set to muted.

● Does it support multilingual (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.) track and artist names?
Yes, the SmartHUD uses Unicode for text, and supports multlingual text.

● How is the quality of Bluetooth music playback?
The SmartHUD supports high quality Bluetooth music playback. By pairing the SmartHUD with your smartphone and using the FM transmitter, music from your phone can be streamed onto your car's speakers by tuning your stereo to the appropriate FM channel.
● How can I use the lane departure warning system (LDWS) and forward collision warning system (FCWS)?
By purchasing and installing E-lead's dashboard camera, the LDWS and FCWS on the SmartHUD are enabled, making for an even safer drive.
For more information please see pages 17 ~ 19 of the EL-640-HUD1 Dashboard Camera at :

● Can the lane departure warning system and forward collision warning system be used at the same time as navigation?
In safe mode, the SmartHUD supports the lane drift and front collision warning systems.

● When reviewing recorded dashboard camera contents, how do I know where the recording took place?
By using the included software, you can play the dashboard camera recording with Google Maps trip information displayed on the side.

● Does the dashboard camera record video as well?
Yes, the dedicated dashboard camera includes a recording feature.

● How do you connect the backup camera to the SmartHUD?
The backup camera uses a 3.5mm specification, identical to typical earphone connectors. However, the connector needs video data to be present on the cable, on the third ring of the connector head.
For more information please see page 3 of the SmartHUD manual at :

● Is the distance for the front collision warning system fixed, or does it change with speed?
The estimated safe distance for the front collision warning system varies with vehicle speed. It is determined by : Safe distance = Car speed / 2, and can be additionally tuned in the settings.
For more information please see page 19 of the EL-640-HUD Dashboard Camera manual at :
● What kind of Internet of Vehicles services does the SmartHUD support?
The Internet of Vehicles services can be sorted into two major categories:
1. News, weather, stock, traffic conditions, and real time notifications.
2. eLeadrive cloud service, E-Where location and point of interest services, EZ-Talk messaging, etc., all controlled from the push button on the SmartHUD.

● The applications seems complicated, how do you use them?
After pairing your smartphone with the SmartHUD and connecting the applications to the internet, it's easy to understand how to use the applications.
For tutorials and instructions please visit :

● How do you start the eLeadrive cloud service?
You can download the eLeadrive App through the App Store or Google Play and register for an account using your cell phone number. Then, run eLeadrive while connected to the SmartHUD, and begin using the eLeadrive cloud service.

● Can I share my go-to destinations, or special holiday travel locations with my friends?
By planning your trip using E-Where, the location will be synced automatically to your SmartHUD when you start your car, where you can then share it with your friends and family.

● How can I easily direct someone to my location in a place I am unfamiliar with?
By using the EZ-Talk App, you can choose to share your location with friends using the SmartHUD, allowing them to easily find your location. They can even set your location as their new destination, so you can effortlessly coordinate pick-up spots and meetings.

● How does EZ-Talk Messenger differ from LINE??
As of yet, LINE does not support communication services for vehicles, while EZ-Talk Messenger can communicate directly through the SmartHUD. Using your phone's internet connection, a conversation taking place in the car can seamlessly continue on your phone once you exit your car.

● Does the SmartHUD support the WeChat App?
WeChat hasn't released a third party API,
so we are unable to support it. You can use E-lead's EZ-Talk App instead to enjoy seamless connection and connectivity both in and out of the car.

● Are there other ways to control the SmartHUD other than the push button?
You can control the SmartHUD with your smartphone using the "HUD Remote" App from the App Store or Google Play.

● How often does the Calendar sync?
Under stable network conditions, the Calendar will update automatically once every 10 minutes when on the Calendar page is open.

● Can I add an event from the Calendar on the HUD?
The Calendar functionality only syncs and displays your information. To add a new event, please do so through the Google Calendar App or the Google Calendar webpage.

● How accurate is the weather forecast?
We use AccuWeather for our weather forecast information, the same provider that Asus and Samsung use for their phones. Due to the limited number of weather stations present in Taiwan, there may be discrepancies in the information displayed on the screen.

● How often is the Weather data updated?
Under stable network conditions, the information will update once a minute when in motion, and once every five minutes when stopped.

● Is the stock information shown up-to-date and in real time?
The HUD uses Yahoo Finance's stock market information, which is delayed by 20 minutes before it is released to the public.

● How often do the Stock Market data update?
Under stable network conditions, the page will update once every 30 seconds when the Stock Market page is open.

● Where are the National Freeway traffic condition data retrieved from?
The information is retrieved online directly from the Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau.

● How often do the National Freeway traffic condition data update?
Under stable network conditions, the page will update once every minute when the traffic conditions page is open.
● Where can I see a demonstration?
We work with various car infotainment vendors (Car Quality, Hong Sheng, Yaoya, Jhen Pian Yi, DAYNIGHT, CarBaby, Car Fans, etc.) who will have live demonstrations for you to see.

● Can the product be installed without expert knowledge? Is it compatible with all car models?
The product is compatible with all car models, as long as the cigarette lighter is able to supply electricity (a cigarette lighter socket to USB adapter is included).
The push button can be placed wherever is convenient for the driver. This is especially convenient for car models that have yet to support international navigation systems, since the product can be setup quickly and be ready for use. the user also saves the cost of having to remove, dispose, and replace the existing speaker system. Together with our product features and user interface, these points make for a market-leading personal navigation device.

● How long is the manufacturers warranty, and how can I get in contact?
The manufacturers warranty covers the product for one year.
For repairs, please contact your vendor or call our toll-free customer service number at 0800-079-889.
● LHow do I know whether my vehicle is OBD2 compliant?
Click herefor a list of OBD2 compliant vehicles.
● 遠The HUD provides a type of augmented reality based on optical technology, projecting an image at a distance in order to allow the driver to be aware of both the road and incoming notifications without having to refocus their eyes. Due to technological limitations, in order to achieve this same effect on the windshield (which lacks the optical properties of the reflector) the product size would have to be significantly larger and placed behind the dashboard. E-lead has collaborated with car manufacturers to create products like this, but they are not suitable for aftermarket installation.
● 全Using our patented separated design, the combiner and projector are separated to save the space needed for the optical path. Since the optical path typically has the largest volume footprint, the HUD can be significantly smaller (1/10 the size of a BMW or Mercedes HUD).
● Projecting the HUD involves the precise and accurate manupulation of light. The adhesive reflector is easily adjustable, resistant to vibration, and an important part of the process of light manipulation. E-lead is the first company in the world to provide an aftermarket HUD, the SmartHUD2 that can rival even OEM BMW, Mercedes, and Audi HUDs in terms of quality, while being just a fraction of the price.
● No, removing the SmartHUD2 will not damage any thermal insulating film. Simply apply some alcohol to the area of adhesion, and the SmartHUD2 can be removed with ease.
● Typical HUDs project directly in front of the driver, overlapping with the driver's most important central field of view. As a result, the information displayed on traditional HUDs need to be minimalistic to prevent from distracting the driver. However if the HUD is too minimalistic and the driver needs to lower their eyes to the dashboard in order to get the information they need, then the purpose of the HUD is lost.
The SmartHUD2 uses a more sophisticated display, projecting information to the left or right side of the driver's field of view. Since it is not directly overlapping with the driver's centre field of view, the HUD can show the driver fuller, richer information while still remaining safe.
● Indeed, a product that requires no human input would be the safest. However, compared to maneuvering a smart phone to flip through a contact list, or opening a navigation application, the push button on the HUD is a much safer interface.
● The material of reflector is the same type of glass as car windshield (ply glass, or laminated glass), and is shatterproof and scratch resistant. Additionally, due to the laminated structure the reflective coating will not be wear or scratched.
● The SmartHUD2 supports Bluetooth AVRCP1.4, whisc is granted the use of playlists, ATP-X lossless compression, and FM band modulation. The audio quality can be comparable to CDs. If your vehicle does not support ATP-X, then playing through the SmartHUD2 will yield better quality than through typical Bluetooth device.