Image and Strategy
  E-Lead team's spirit in the pursuit of perfection, consistency, rigor, quality control policies are the key to our R&D's engineering results. Through integration of product design and executing product development, the production and quality control both meets the strict requirements of quality norms of car manufacturers. EMC and resistance to moisture, static discharge, heat, dust, and shock are tested through real vehicle operations and simulations. In addition, E-Lead is committed to the implementation of social responsibility to create a safe and protective environment (ex. Product complies with WEEE, RoHS specification) to prevent environmental hazards, air and waste pollution control, energy conservation and the establishment's full participation to achieve waste reduction.


We will reduce the difference in quality, and provide customers products at a certain level.


We will perform a tight control over operating precision and implement all indirect and direct work with a most rigorous spirit.


We will constantly strive for excellence day by day. We will continually improve our quality and operating standards.

  Along with the expansion of its marketing, E-lead gradually establishes after-sales service sites in many countries including entirety of Taiwan, mainland China, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Mexico, Brazil, etc. The formation of one-to-one service, the establishment of CRM customer relationship management system and the philosophy of “customer first” enable E-land to provide timely, professional and comprehensive after-sale service. We uphold the conviction to innovate and continuously improve, and work towards being the number one in Asia in terms of quality.