Research and Development
  We, E-Lead, have copious amounts of experience cooperating with many major car manufacturing companies and yielded outstanding results. By using the latest cutting edge technology in many fields, we hold an advantage to our competitors. In addition we are familiar with car manufacturer procedures and quality control. In the R&D department, we hold market reaction as our number one priority. Not only is our mission to uphold the motto, “make driving safer and more enjoyable” ; it is also one of our key strategies. Whether it be car audio navigation head-units, rear seat entertainment systems, or other car related electronics, We will design our products with the customer's needs and interests in mind: always trying to innovate always trying to improve. We utilize PLM innovating platform and knowledge management module to trace and fix any problems. We have teams specialized in checking quality, consistency, and progress. They also ensure research quality to accelerate the development cycle all to enhance the customer's competitive advantage in the market. After many times cooperating, planning, and testing with car manufacturers dedicated to car design ; we achieved a complete customized service in line with the car manufacturers original specifications as well as meeting the highest market trends.

  We produce using TPS production management system and MES manufacturing tracking system. This help us improve production speed, achieve instant delivery, reduce waste, reduce cost, continually improve, and improved resource utilization. We currently own SMT, DIP plug-in, injection molding, painting, assembly and other production equipment. Every production process is followed to every major automakers ISO/TS16949 quality assurance standards and requirements. By keeping manufacturing manners flexible, we can keep the production process smooth and stable as well as meet the stringent requirements of car manufacturers. We can then deliver excellent products to customers quickly and accurately.