E-lead reveals a strategic collaboration with Baidu Telematics

E-lead reveals a strategic collaboration with Baidu Telematics

CarLife HUD - The one and only HUD approved by Baidu for compatability with their Internet of Vehicles

E-lead impressed the world when they revealed the world's first industry-grade, augmented reality, aftermarket HUD for cars at Taipei AMPA 2016. Regarded as the safest possible method of displaying ever-increasing torrents of information to the driver, augmented reality HUDs have been, until now, limited to luxury vehicles. TSR (Techno Systems Research) of Japan estimates that by 2020 there will be the market space for 10 million of these HUD units.
Being one of China's three internet giants, Baidu has recently dipped its toes into the realm of the Internet of Vehicles, and paved the way for the field when they released their first solution to the Internet of Vehicles early on in 2015 - CarLife. Being an industry leader, E-lead gradually adopted and matured their own line of Internet of Vehicle products. By formally collaborating and gathering their efforts, E-lead was able to create a new aftermarket augmented reality HUD supporting CarLife - the CarLife HUD.
The CarLife HUD is the first HUD that works with Baidu Telematics. At CES Asia2016, the General Manager of Baidu Telematics experienced the CarLife HUD first hand, and was incredibly impressed, believing it to be of great help to Baidu's future in the field.

Right: General Manager of Baidu Telematics, Weihao Gu, experiencing the driver's seat with the new CarLife HUD.

Innovative optical floating projection and makes safety effortless.

As of 2016, E-lead enters a new generation of solutions, leading the way for developing HUD technologies by combining their years of experience, technology, market research, and use of the cloud with various automotive manufacturers. E-lead released the market's first aftermarket HUD in 2014, and has continued to uphold the spirit of technology, safety, and reliability with a groundbreaking projective HUD solution - the CarLife HUD. Combining Baidu's CarLife app and rich map data with E-lead's patented projection technology allows for a suspended image to be displayed in real time in front of the driver.
As cell phones become more engrained in our everyday lives, so does the opportunity for E-lead to bring new ways to integrate technology and safety features into our way of life, and utilize the CarLife to make the Internet of Vehicles a reality. The floating HUD display lets the driver experience true control, and minimizes many consumer automotive electronic needs into one device package. Having clear access to the onboard diagnostics system gives the driver a good grasp of the status of their vehicle, and by collaborating with manufacturers the HUD can remind you of regular maintenance and other messages.