As one of the world's primary automotive component manufacturers, E-LEAD is one of the driving forces behind smart automotive design. Since many of these smart automotive technologies including automatic navigation and rely on Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) in order to perform safety and situational assessments, E-LEAD is commited to not only the continous betterment of these smart automotive systems, but also the Apps that run side by side to deliver smooth service that fits the needs of today.

The final goal is that with the ADAS's support, a driver can get to their destination quickly, safely, and with real time service, without relying on human input at all.

Around View Monitoring (3D)

Around View Monitoring (3D)

Around View Monitoring (2D)

Around View Monitoring (2D)

Front collision warning system (FCWS)

As the driver continues as usual, the system uses the vehicles speed to determine a safe distance to keep from cars ahead.



Lane departure warning systems (LDWS)

Alerts the driver upon drifting out of a lane, or when driving on a lane separation line (such as when "driving by braille").



Blind spot alert system

All vehicles have blind spots, and by using one camera to detect objects or other vehicles on each side, the driver can operate with full knowledge of their surroundings.



Reverse obstacle sensing

When the vehicle is shifted into reverse, rear view cameras display a video feed to the heads up display or other vehiclular multimedia system, which the driver can use to reverse safely. Distance to obstacles at the rear of the car are also determined, and the driver is alerted if objects are very close.


Traffic signal detection



Pedestrian detection system

The system can detect and alert the driver to any pedestrians that may be in the system's field of view. Combined with automatic braking systems, this system will be able to react to situations and improve safety.