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Support social welfare

發布日期   2021-06-07

E-lead supports social welfare with practical actions. Internally, we maintain gender equality in work and human dignity, and strictly prohibit all kinds of discrimination, verbal violence, and sexual harassment in the workplace. Externally, we participate in various public welfare activities to promote the steady development of society.

Value employee

發布日期   2021-06-07

We adhere to the spirit of positivity, innovation, integrity, respect and sustainable operation. In company environment, we provide a safe and clean working environment, staff dormitories, staff canteens, infirmaries, barrier-free facilities, etc.; in employee rights, we implement care and guidance for new recruits, and provide satisfaction surveys to understand employees’ opinions.

Care our environment

發布日期   2021-06-07

All the company's products use lead-free materials and comply with ROHS standards; for many years, it has been committed to garbage classification and resource recycling. We set up an industrial safety office to be responsible for the management of the plant environment, water conservation and waste classification management. There are also concrete results in controlling the room temperature of the factory and reducing carbon emissions.

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