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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Note 1* The above-mentioned summary of the welfare system is actually based on the individual's employment contract and the company's work regulations.
retirement plan

According to the "Labor Standards Law" 2005/7/1, it is a watershed between the old and new system of labor pensions. Employees who have previously joined the company are entitled to the old system of pensions. According to the law, employers must allocate 2-15% of the total monthly salary to the company's pension account; the new system According to the "Labor Pension Provision Regulations", employers are required to allocate 6% of the total monthly wages as labor pensions on a monthly basis, and deposit them into the individual accounts of labor pensions. Individuals voluntarily contribute to retirement pensions separately. According to the retirement system required by laws and regulations,E-LEAD Electronics provides pensions for all full-time employees, and the employee participation in the retirement plan is 100%, so as to protect the rights and interests of employees and properly take care of their retirement life.

Employees can check the accumulated amount of the pension online by themselves. The Bureau of Labor Insurance currently provides 5 query channels, which are:

1. Check the website of the Bureau of Labor Insurance with the certificate of a natural person.

2. Bring your identification documents to the Bureau of Labor Insurance or local offices for inquiries at the counter.

3. Apply for a labor security card (card-issuing banks include Land Bank, E.SUN Bank, Taipei Fubon Bank, Taishin Bank, and First Class), and check through the card-issuing bank's ATM and Internet.

4. Holders of postal financial cards should go to the post office to complete the application procedures for the information inquiry service of the Labor Insurance Bureau, and then inquire through the ATM of the post office.

5. Use a smartphone or tablet to enter the mobile service of the Bureau of Labor Insurance, and after completing the mobile device authentication, inquire through the mobile phone or tablet.