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sustainable development

sustainable development

United Nations faces common challenges for humanity in 2015, Proposed 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as a guideline for the efforts of countries around the world to promote sustainable development by 2030.

The company regularly follows the principle of materiality, conduct risk assessments on environmental, social and corporate governance issues related to company operations, and formulate relevant risk management policies or strategies. The tasks of each relevant department to implement social responsibility.The management department is responsible for employee communication, the Industrial Safety Office is responsible for the environmental safety and hygiene of the factory area, Spokesperson for Investor Relations,the Finance Department is responsible for the relationship between financial, tax and securities institutions,quality Service Department and Marketing Department are responsible for customer relations,purchasing department is responsible for the maintenance of supplier relationship. The handling situation has not been reported to the board of directors on a regular basis, and will be adjusted according to the actual situation in the future.

E-LEAD electronic uphold the good spirit of society from society, promote sustainable development .They are promoting corporate governance, maintaining social welfare, strengthening corporate social responsibility information disclosure, developing sustainable environment, and environmental and safety and health policies. The annexes are listed as follows:

serial numbersustainable development strategydownload
1drive corporate governance
2Maintain social welfare
3 Strengthen corporate social responsibility information disclosure
4develop a sustainable environment
5 Environmental and Safety Health Policy
6TISAX LEVEL3 Certification